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If you want to join the KiCad Development effort, please join us at the Developers Mailing List, and tell us what's your main interest area, learn what other people is doing, and how it's done.

There are several ways to contribute, please read the Coding Style Policy first.

  • Submit a patch to the mailing list, make sure that it can be applied to testing head, and that it follows the coding style policy.
  • Make a branch at bzr, and do your work there, tell us what you're doing, and ask for merge when it's done.
  • Useful link explaining how to work with Bzr:

Consider inspecting the road map to get an overview of where you can help and what the project plans are, in addition important work package related announcements on the list is listed below.

What are we doing now

The source code - KiCad product release

Recent commits - KiCad product release

Here you have a RSS Feed of the latest commits. If you are interested in diving into them, please head to the KiCad launchpad commits list.





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