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KiCad is an open source software suite for Electronic Design Automation (EDA).

KiCad provides a suite of programs for Schematic Capture, and PCB Layout with Gerber output.

The first release date was in 1992 by its original author, Jean-Pierre Charras, but is now currently under development by the KiCad Developers Team. The suite runs on Windows, Linux and OS X and is licensed under GNU GPL v2.

Some history of general information of KiCad is presented by Wayne in his presentation at FOSDEM 2015.

Main Authors

Jean-Pierre Charras<jean-pierre.charras[at]gipsa-lab-dot-inpg-dot-fr>
Dick Hollenbeck<dick[at]softplc-dot-com>
Wayne Stambaugh (Project Leader)<stambaughw[at]verizon-dot-net>

Corporate Supporters

SupporterProvider Of

University of Grenoble


The university where Jean-Pierre Charras, the original author of KiCad worked as a teacher before his retirement.

They still provide hosting for the binary releases of KiCad which results in a large amount of bandwidth being available for the large release downloads.

Jean-Pierre has also been able to invest large amounts of time into developing KiCad


Employer of Dick Hollenbeck.

SoftPLC sponsored Dick to improve KiCad's functionality immensely which resulted in an extremely intesive and prolific era for KiCad in which Dick committed an extremely generous amount of work.

SoftPLC sponsored Dick to the equivalent of 450,000USD for the time he spent working on KiCad.


Employer of Javier Serrano, Maciej Suminski and Tomasz Wlostowski who all work heavily on KiCad.

CERN have already contributed greatly to KiCad, and have already advanced the Graphics Abstraction Layer and introduced Push + Shove router capabilities.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Donated to the CERN and Society Foundation to support the development of the differential pair routing and track length control in the KiCad board editor Pcbnew.


Jerry Jacobs<[at]gmail-dot-com>
Jonas Diemer<diemer[at]gmx-dot-de>
Marco Serantoni (OSX maintainer)<marco.serantoni[at]gmail-dot-com>
Rok Markovic<rok[at]>
Tim Hanson<sideskate[at]gmail-dot-com>
Vesa Solonen<vesa.solonen[at]hut-dot-fi>
Alexander Zakamaldin<zaka62[at]>
Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo (Python Scripting)<miguelange[at]>
Alexander Lunev (Pcad to Kicad converter)<al.lunev[at]> 
Jacobo Aragunde Perez<jaragunde[at]>
Tomasz Wlostowski

Maciej Suminski


Brian Sidebotham<brian.sidebotham[at]>

Document Writers

Jean-Pierre Charras<jean-pierre.charras[at]>
Igor Plyatov<plyatov[at]>
Fabrizio Tappero<fabrizio-dot-tappero[at]gmail-dot-com>


Czech (CZ)Martin Kratoška<martin[at]ok1rr-dot-com>
Dutch (NL)Jerry Jacobs<[at]gmail-dot-com>
Finnish (FI)Vesa Solonen<vesa.solonen[at]hut-dot-fi>
French (FR)Jean-Pierre Charras<jean-pierre.charras[at]inpg-dot-fr>
Polish (PL)Mateusz Skowro¿ski<skowri[at]gmail-dot-com>
Polish (PL)Kerusey Karyu<keruseykaryu[at]>
Portuguese (PT)Renie Marquet<reniemarquet[at]uol-dot-com-dot-br>
Russian (RU)Igor Plyatov<plyatov[at]gmail-dot-com>
Russian (RU)Andrey Fedorushkov<andrf[at]>
Spanish (ES)Pedro Martin del Valle<pkicad[at]yahoo-dot-es>
Spanish (ES)Iñigo Zuluaga<inigo_zuluaga[at]yahoo-dot-es>
German (DE)Rafael Sokolowski<Rafael.Sokolowski[at]web-dot-de>
Japanese (JA)Kenta Yonekura<midpika[at]>
Japanese (JA)yoneken<midpika[at]>

Program Credits

IconsIñigo Zuluagaz<inigo_zuluaga[at]yahoo-dot-es>
New IconsFabrizio Tappero<fabrizio-dot-tappero[at]gmail-dot-com>
3D ModulesRenie Marquet<reniemarquet[at]>
3D ModulesChristophe Boschat<nox454[at]hotmail-dot-fr>
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