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The KiCad software tool come with an additional component library package and a documentation package. Once you install all three packages you are set with a full fledged software tool for PCB design. Any necessary PDF documentation will be then available from the Help menu of each KiCad application (Eeschema, Cvpcb, etc.).  The same documentation is available here too.

In this section you can find the official KiCad documentation in html directly pooled from the KiCad documentation repo. The getting started in Kicad is an essential and concise guide to mastering kicad for the successful development of sophisticated electronic printed circuit boards.

The documentaiton links are below with translations in their language shortcode. If a language is not found you will get a 404 from the webserver. Please consider contributing to the documentation in the documentaiton repo.

Getting Started in KiCad [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

KiCad Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Eeschema Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Cvpcb Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Pcbnew Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Gerbeview Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Page Layout Editor Reference Manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl]

Additional documentation

IDF manual [fr] [it] [jp] [nl] [pl] This is not finished documentation, but is a good reference to understand how the new IDF export functionality works.

Developer documentation

Currently there is three doxygen doc targets available to the developers, these can be generated with make dev-docs, make doxygen-docs, and make doxygen-python in the kicad source. For convience they are also available on the following links and updaged by the Jenkins build server for each commit, so the ones here should always be the latest. Note that the doxygen-docs integrate the devdocs also, hence only two are linked here.

Developers source code reference and road map

Python scripting reference

Documentation in other languages

The KiCad documentation is available in other languages too. Mind that for languages either than English documents might be outdated.

Additional tutorials

A pretty good generic tutorial on how to use KiCad is made by Teho Labs.

Scripting manuals

In case you are interesting in scripting, please refer to the KiCad Scripting Reference Manual.

KiCad users mailing list

KiCad users can take advantage of the KiCad users mailing list for asking and answering questions. Before jumping in it please try to find the answers to your questions in the many reference manuals available.

KiCad tutorials

A fun way to start your journey into PCB design with KiCad is to have a look at the many KiCad tutorial section.

Reporting problems

If you think you want to contribute to the KiCad documentation or if you want to report a problem, please don't hesitate to contribute via please refer to the LibreOffice documentation files and to the KiCad developers mailing list. You are also free to join the IRC channel on #kicad@freenode.


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